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Bicycle Accidents

Florida’s roadways are no place for bicyclists. Our roads are the most dangerous in the nation for those not in a motor vehicle. Many of our arterial roads, some with speed limits of 40 miles an hour or more, dangerous intersections, curb cuts and narrow or non-existent shoulders, were never designed for bicycle traffic. Most adult bicycle fatalities occur on these types of roads.

These roads are designed for fast moving cars and trucks, but they are often the only route to and from local amenities like supermarkets. Yet for those who do not have access to a vehicle, a bicycle is a main form of transportation and may be the only way to get to work or school.

Florida has had the deadliest roads for over ten years. The top four most dangerous metro areas for bicyclists and pedestrians are in Florida: Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville and Tampa. In 2010, 76 people lost their lives in bicycle traffic accidents in our state.

Bicycle riding for pleasure or for health can be equally as dangerous as riding for transportation purposes. The lack of suitable roadways for bicyclists forces riders onto dangerous roads. Combine these factors with driver negligence or reckless behavior, and a tragic bicycle accident is bound to happen eventually.

Children under 16, though unlikely to be found bicycling on main roads, are still at risk when riding a bike. Fatalities among younger bike riders are most likely to happen on minor roads such as those found in residential areas. Drivers who speed through neighborhoods, drive while intoxicated or otherwise engage in dangerous behavior behind the wheel need to be held accountable when their actions lead to death.

Whether bicycling out of necessity, as a way to keep healthy or just for fun, your loved one did not deserve to die as a result. Wrongful death statutes in Florida allow certain dependants to seek compensation for lost future wages, care and funeral costs as well as emotional suffering.

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